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Apr 05th, 2018

The Shaw House-Where in the Pines are your Favorite Brokers??

Morganton Road in Southern Pines is home to some very historical buildings.  Maybe you have driven by them and wondered what the story is behind these houses; maybe you have never noticed them at all!  We were curious ourselves and decided to do some research on these neighboring structures.   After all, they are practically our neighbors!!  It’s hard to tell passing by, but there are 3 buildings on this lot!

The first building, The Shaw House, was built in 1820 and sits on the original plot of land off of Morganton Road and Pee Dee Road (an old Indian trail) at the entrance of Southern Pines.  These roads had major traffic in the 1800’s.  Morganton Road led travelers from the market town of Fayetteville to Southern Pines and Pee Dee Road was an Indian trail connecting Cheraw, South Carolina to the North East settlements.  This house was built by a first generation Scottish Settler, Charles C. Shaw, and shows in the simple floor plan like many other houses built by the Scottish settlers nearby.  If you can believe it, this house sat on 2,500 Acres!  The first Mayor of Southern Pines, Charles Washington Shaw, inherited this house from his father and was later adopted by the Moore County Historical Society in 1946. 

The other two buildings on this property are the Sanders Cabin and Garner House.  Both of these structures were built in the late 1700’s and have many of the original features and furniture.  With each cabin showing different floor plans then the other, it is a very interesting part of real estate history, and how the modern day

 Southern Pines homes have evolved.   Next time you drive by, take a peek at some history and see how original and unique these homes are!  They are open Tuesday through Friday 1-4 Pm!






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The Shaw House-Where in the Pines are your Favorite Brokers??

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